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The Revolution in Green Mobility

It all started in September 2013, when Sunnyclist was first introduced.

The Sunnyclist is an innovative hybrid vehicle, created by Energomechaniki Crete, a company founded by the engineer Manolis Tsikandylakis in Heraklion. Our three-wheeled vehicle was introduced in September 2013 and can be powered by a combination of Solar, Electric and Muscle energy. It has already won distinctions in Greek and European events, while the start of its production began in the Spring of 2014.

Introducing Sunnyclist to Public.
Crowd-Funding campaign for Sunnyclist.

Our company Enermech, which is the responsible creator of the design Sunnyclist, with the support of the Region of Crete is preparing its new solar four-wheeled vehicle.

From 2019 with careful and considered moves we have started the new Project Sunnyclist L7e-C.

The new Sunnyclist prototype is a four-wheeler and belongs to the L7e-C category. Granted by Action 4.f.1-"Business Partnerships with Research and Knowledge Dissemination Organizations, for the promotion of low carbon dioxide emission technologies"

This summer of 2023, our new prototype Sunnyclist L7e-C will be ready. With the power of the sun it will produce and use the electricity it will need for its movement.

New Design

In the Sunnyclist L7e-C the installed power of the photovoltaic generator increases to 780W. However, half the cells are hidden and only extend when the vehicle is parked. In this way, an elegant design with good aerodynamics is achieved, while maintaining solar energy sufficiency. The design belongs to the industrial designer Michalis Roulios.

Crash Test Simulation for a Safer Frame

In collaboration with the Crete Polytechnic, the new prototype will have a robust aluminum frame which has been studied with a Crash Test simulation using the company's specialized software package BETA CAE Systems S.A.

New electronic systems

Complete management system with new electronic systems.
Manage - Update with Sunnyclist App.


Virtual Reality & Sunnyclist.

Industrial designer Michalis Roulios, responsible for the new look of the Sunnyclist Le7C.

With the help of modern Virtual Reality tools and new methods, he puts the final touches on the new ergonomic design.