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The Revolution in Green Mobility
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Solar Power
Sunnyclist Islander The Solar Bicycle
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Πραγματική Πράσινη Ανάπτυξη

SunnyClist #1 Solar Vehicle


Sunnyclist L7e-C is Coming!

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In 2011, Enermech started the L7eC project as a plan to produce a three-wheeled initially vehicle that would be able to move autonomously, without the need for charging infrastructure.

Sunnyclist is the name of our car that runs on solar energy and is an innovative and ecological vehicle for mobility in the city and beyond.

Our company Enermech has been active since 2006 in the field of industry and energy. It specializes in the design and construction of mechatronic applications, robotic systems, renewable energy projects, electromechanical projects, machinery certification and Safety Technician services.

It has undertaken design and construction projects for demanding mechatronic applications for the largest industries in Greece and has installed over 2MW in photovoltaic installations.

By choosing Sunnyclist, you can enjoy a more viable and sustainable option for your road trip. Our car is designed to deliver great performance using solar energy, and you can also use the pedals to generate even more power.



1st Prize in the Innovation Mentoring Start Up competition organized by the Science and Technology Park of Crete of the Institute of Technology and Research (ITE) and the Diogenes Business Incubator of the University of Cyprus.


Distinction at the Balkan Venture Forum start-up entrepreneurship competition organized by Europe Unlimited.


Participation in the 100 best green business ideas pan-European at the European Venture Forum competition in Düsseldorf.


Sunnyclist received support from BSE's Start-Up Business Incubator to develop business skills and write a business plan.


Sunyclist took third place in the national business seeds competition of the National Bank of Greece.

Sunnyclist News

  • Sunnyclist at the InnoDays Exhibition

    Sunnyclist Islander at InnoDays

    Sunnyclist at the InnoDays Innovation Fair

    Sunnyclist participates in the InnoDays innovation exhibition with the Islander solar bike, which takes place in Crete on November 25 - 27, 2023. Under the patronage and kind hospitality of the Crete Region Innovation Days.

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  • Sunnyclist at the Beyond 2023 Exhibition

    Sunnyclist Islander at Beyond Expo 2023
    Sunnyclist Islander at Beyond Expo 2023

    Sunnyclist at Beyond Expo 2023

    Sunnyclist participated in the Beyond 2023 Exhibition, held in Thessaloniki on May 24 - 26, 2023. Under the patronage and kind hospitality of the Innovative Entrepreneurship Observatory of the Region of Crete.

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