Project Timeline

We started with thoughts ... ..

The environmental and energy problem has intensified to such an extent that it leads to an impasse and no longer just enough technological solutions but require a change of attitude of life of consumers. It is commonly accepted that no solution for energy production can not be perfect, but should have full awareness of the imperative need to limit our own personal consumption. With these thoughts and closely following market trends in electrification, the development of photovoltaic technology and the change in consumer attitudes towards sustainable mobility, cycling and a healthier lifestyle, we realized a significant gap in the market. Absent a vehicle that combines the comfort and practicality of a city car with the ecological footprint, operator cost and the beneficial effects of a bicycle.

and put goals ... ..

Since 2011 we work tirelessly to create more and better solar vehicles. What motivates us is the satisfaction to develop and offer solutions that respect the environment and humans. We want to offer a new opportunity to citizens on sustainable mobility, saving money and contribute to the effort of humanity to control climate change. We are inspired by the potential of renewable natural resources offered by nature and the timeless examples of human creativity towards a sustainable environment and a better future for our children.
  • October 2011

  • April 2012

    First Prototyping Testing field-proof technical and economic feasibility
  • November 2012

    Design second prototype in accordance with the European directives for use on public roads
  • January 2013

    Construction of a second prototype Field tests, First presentation
  • August 2013

    1st award in the Competition Mentoring Start Up competition
  • September 2013

    Award in the competition Balkan venture forum competition
  • December 2013

    Discrimination on the pan-European contest European Venture Summit competition
  • Spring 2014

    Integration in the FGI program acceleration startups epichiriseon "Together on startup"
  • Summer 2014

    Market research Route challenges: Tour of Crete, 800 km Trials in Santorini, field testing to final users
  • February 2015

    Design study Mel'eti pre-production prototype Study pilot production
  • Summer 2015

    Manufacture of pre-production prototype First pre-orders Small scale pilot production mode